Self Portrait, Profile

This was a fun little experiment. My first attempt at a portrait in… 20+ years? My conclusion? Portraits are hard. Not sure what this might lead to yet. I think I’m going to table it for awhile and ruminate over it.


Rocks – Progress

This one’s nearing completion. I think. Some fairly major alterations since the last post. Really starting to be interesting from a distance and especially point blank.

I keep finding myself entranced by the effect of layering dark on top of light on top of dark, and how all the texture forces the brain to generate it’s own features in the landscape. I’m also quite happy with the choice to bring the sienna from the toned ground back into the foreground… Should be dried nicely in a week or so, at which time I’ll revisit whether I want to call it complete or not. Stay tuned!


The Rocks Slowed Our Descent
10″ x 24″
Oil on canvas