Completed! Before Falling


Whew!! By far my largest painting to date. I actually had to figure out a way to support it in the studio with a few sawhorses, etc. It dawned on me after finishing it that it very well could have been painted from the perspective of one of the fields in my previous painting “Falling” before the roads were paved, etc. Hence, the title.

Before Falling
72″ x 48″
oil on canvas

Self Portrait, Profile

This was a fun little experiment. My first attempt at a portrait in… 20+ years? My conclusion? Portraits are hard. Not sure what this might lead to yet. I think I’m going to table it for awhile and ruminate over it.


Altered Landscape – Complete!

I think I started this around Thanksgiving… as I mentioned before, it’s been a journey. In a previous post I mentioned it was 28″ x 14″, which is quite untrue. I have to measure it again, but it’s closer to 42″ x 20″… I may have been really drunk when I wrote that.

It will be some time before I attempt something along these lines (no pun intended) again. I’d say this was about 95% done with a knife… row by row, then row by row again… and then again. In person it’s got a lot of lovely texture going on. Hope you can come visit it soon!


Altered Landscape
Bigger than previously reported
Oil on canvas

Falling, Framed

Ok, so the Title to this one changed in the last few weeks… “Falling”. This was really a blast to work on, and I’ve already started another one along the same lines. Stay tuned for that soon.

24″ x 28″
Oil on canvas
Custom pine frame


Grove, Framed!

Pretty excited that my little frame idea worked. Here’s the final piece. The frame has a “shelf” built into it so the canvas protrudes slightly… It’s always shocking when things turn out the way they were supposed to!