On the Easel: Winter Field

Here’s a new one that’s nearing completion. Still keeping with they “altered landscape” theme… It’s got a really nice quiet, peaceful feel to it when viewed in person. Hope you can come check it out soon!


Winter Field (working title)
Total dimension: 48″ x 38″
(2 canvases each 24″ x 38″)
oil on canvas

On the Easel: Contract of Land

Further exploring this notion of landscapes altered by human hands… I’m finally getting a little more “grounded” in my vantage point. There’s something extremely appealing about this sort of thing to me, and I can see myself taking this exact direction to a much larger scale. Hope to have it finished in the next few days…


Contract of Land
Oil on canvas
30″ x 30″

On the Easel: That is What We Are

These unplanned, compose-it-as-you-go things come together so incredibly fast compared to some of the others I’ve been working on… So far I’ve put about 5 hours into this and I’m already considering calling it complete. Need to mull it over a little…


That is What We Are
Oil on Canvas
40″ x 24″

On the Easel – Pivots

Another in this loose “altered landscapes” series. So far, this one’s been lots of fun, and it’s proposed a few challenges in execution. I’ve been cutting wood down to exact sizes to layer on a lot of the circular marks, etc. Stay tuned, feels like it’s getting close.


Working title: Pivots
oil on canvas

Rocks – Progress

This one’s nearing completion. I think. Some fairly major alterations since the last post. Really starting to be interesting from a distance and especially point blank.

I keep finding myself entranced by the effect of layering dark on top of light on top of dark, and how all the texture forces the brain to generate it’s own features in the landscape. I’m also quite happy with the choice to bring the sienna from the toned ground back into the foreground… Should be dried nicely in a week or so, at which time I’ll revisit whether I want to call it complete or not. Stay tuned!


The Rocks Slowed Our Descent
10″ x 24″
Oil on canvas

Altered Landscape – Sneak Peak

Just a teaser. On the easel right now, “Altered Landscape”. What a huge undertaking. Need to finish up my “tree layer” and then set it aside to dry before final color corrections, etc.


Detail: Altered Landscape
Full size: 28×14
Oil On Canvas

On the Easel: Five Thousand Feet

Switching gears once again… I’ve had the idea in mind for a (mostly) knife painting for a little while now. This is just 2 days in, but I’m cautiously optimistic that it’s headed in the right direction…

Working title is “Five Thousand Feet” … it may stick, it may not.
24″ x 28″ – Oil on canvas


Tequila Bottle

This is currently “on hold”… I’m close to considering it finished, but I really need to spend a little time away from it. I’m also itching to get away from the recurring “theme” in my last several endeavors: single subject on a relatively flat background. SO… look for a little change in direction in the upcoming months…


On the Easel Right Now: Mas Tequila

This is proving to be a very large undertaking for me… My first real foray into any sort of still life. I’m also trying several new techniques for applying paint, etc. ¬†This is another 36″x36″ canvas… probably my last endeavor at this scale for a little while.

Still to do in this “first pass” are the inside bottom, right and middle sections. Then it’s going to be about fine-tuning and probably some (very subtle) color glazing.