On the Easel: Weather; Worry


I think a lot of artists, when asked, would probably say their favorite personal work is the most recent. You tend to put blinders up and kind of fall in love with what you’re currently working on. Then, 6 months down the road you look back at the larger body and that’s not the case at all. However, I really do think this is my favorite to date…

Weather; Worry
40″ x 38″
oil on canvas

Completed! Height


Mixing it up a little! Well, in a sense… Looking up this time! This is another that has a nice quiet feel about it. And a relatively rare (for me) brush painting!

Gotta double check dimensions!
oil on canvas

Completed! Cold, Quiet, Dark


Had a real blast with this one. Obviously another painting exploring perspective lines, etc. But this one has a really nice mood to it. Very calming, in my humble opinion…

Cold, Quiet, Dark (Dyptic)
48″ x 38″ (total)
Oil on canvas

Completed: That is What We Are

Ok, after a few subtle but important tweaks – mainly “knocking back” the horizon line – I’m ready to call it complete. It’s so bloody interesting to me how this fairly ambiguous style makes your mind do a little extra work to decipher what you’re looking at. As paint rolls off the knife and starts to pick up and blend with the still-wet underlying color it creates these great little “lucky” details that your brain (or at least my brain) interprets as features in a landscape… undulations in the terrain, little pools of water. Lots of fun. And, as I mentioned previously, they go start-to-finish awfully quick. More of these coming for sure. Thanks for looking!


That is What We Are
oil on canvas
40″ x 24″